Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fire Festival:Alt friendly.....mostly

Another week for the achievement whores and there is a lot of stuff to do. You dont have to be a big bad 80 to do these achivements and quests either.

The quests to honor and desecrate flames will give you experience depending on your level. You can make a ton of money, gain a level or two, and even score yourself a new pet if you are going for that achievement.

At level 80, the quests reward 6 and 13 gold each....obviously no xp. At level 70 they were rewarding around 6k and 13k xp. At 75 they will give you around 10k and 20k each. So, grab those alts and run around the world and have fun.

The non-alt friendly part. Desecrating flames will flag you for PvP. And you will die....possibly a lot. On my Warrior, I got about 6 HKs on people who thought they could gank me. On my fiancee's druid I got killed at the first desecration point.

Enjoy your holliday and good luck getting your 310 percent mount.


Arioch said...

Desecrating a fire will flag you for PvP.

When you're on a PvP server, this is a moot point. =P

Captain The First said...

For low level alts it's probably best to take your gear off and wear a spiffy tuxedo or something of the sorts.

Saves on repair costs and as a low level you were going to die anyway especially once you hit the enemy capitol cities.