Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rep Grinding AKA Throat Punching Yourself

As I have recently posted, I have been working no my Shatarri Skyguard Rep. This is the BC faction that rewards you with a nice Nether Ray Fry pet and several Nether Ray epic flying mounts when you hit exalted. Prior to that, it is all crap. As a help to the community, so you feel less like you are punching yourself in the throat, I decided to make a quick and easy guide to gaining exalted. As a bonus, I will also throw in the slightly infected head wound that is the Sporeggar Rep Grind.

Skyguard: The skyguard are supposed to be an elite fighting force that fights baddies in high up places. They were basically patch filler and something to keep people occupied until something better came up. Lore Factor: Lulz

Getting Rep: There are several ways to get rep with the Skyguard. None of them are fun. The first way are the dailies. The quest line starts next to the flight master in Shattrath. Look for the floppy flying vagina monster flying next to the space goat with the ugly tabard. She will give you a quest to kill some Ogres hanging out above Shattrath. After that you get sent to Skettis which is in them mountains over Allerian Stronghold.

When you get there, you will get the first daily quest "Fires over Skettis". Basically you fly around and drop Dynamite on the sparkly eggs on top of the Aarakoa tree houses. You need to blow up 20. Try to avoid the Giant Kaliri. They are less annoying at 80, but I imagine they could still daze you off of your flying mount and to your death if you arent a tank.

Make sure to enable your low level quest finder. In a random tree house you will save a Skyguard who was captured. It is a short escort quests that has you killing a few baddies along the way. Do both of these every day.

Once you have done those, you will want to kill enought Aarakoa to get at least 6 shadow dust. Every six can be turned in to one of the NPCs at the base camp for a Shadow Elixir. When you use this Shadow Elixir, you will be able to see the invisible Aarakoa. My suggestion is to go in a circuit along the tree house and avoud the ground level. Clearing out every single tree top usually took me about 20 minutes, which conveniently is how long the potion lasts. Every mobs in the area will give you 15 rep. The big tree elites will give you 30.

The main thing you are looking for on these baddies are the Time Lost Pages. Once you have collected 10 of these pages you will be able to summon a mini-boss. When you kill this boss, you will get a random crappy blue to sell and piece of the mini boss. You will need to collect 40 pages to summon the 4 bosses. Each of these bosses will net you 100 rep.

Once you have summoned and killed all 4 bosses (Warp Chaser, Aarakoa guy, Rock Dude, and Wind Serpent), you bring their giblets back to the base camp and turn them into the Aarakoa locked in the cage. He will give you an item that will let you summon Terrok on the small island in middle of Skettis.

I easily soloed Terrok each time, but I could see where it would be difficult for some classes with less health and avoidance. You will beat the crap out of him for a while then he will bubble himself. Instead of hearthing, he will punch you in the face. The only way to burst his bubble (no pun intended), is to drag him over to the blue smoke. He will turn enraged and you will be able to do damage to him again. You may have to kite him to the blue smoke a few different times.

Terrok will net you 500 rep and some stuff to throw on the Auction House. He always drops at least a blue item (usually BOE). I also got a BOE epic cloak and a trinket that changes me into an Aarakoa.

BUT THATS NOT ALL......join today and we will give you MORE DAILIES IN BLADES EDGE MOUNTAINS....sigh.

Ogrilla How I hate Thee: Next step is to talk to the guy at the landing pad at the Skettis base camp. He will put you on a Nether Ray up to Blades edge where you get MOAR DAILIES! Depending on your "skills" these Dailies can be very frustrating. The first one is to bomb fel cannon ball stacks. These are conveniently marked for you with arrows. All you have to do is fly in at low altitude (damn bomb ranges is short), drop a bomb on a fel cannonball stack, and fly out before you get a green fireball to the face. This fireball will dismount you. You will take fall damage and fireball damage. And you will have to go somewhere and eat (unless you are a healer, yay you). 15 smashed balls later and you are done with that daily.

Next up is Aether Ray Wranglin YEEEEHAWWWW (spits tabacky). You have to find Aether Rays flying around, beat them up until it tells you they are ready to be wrangled. They you use the rope and wrangle them. You need to wrangle 5. Be careful when you are wrangling them. Auto attack will probably be enough to kill them during the wrangling process and will annoy the hell out of you. Deep wounds did not help my situation either. Once you get the 5, you are done. There is one other quest (think it is a one time quest) to kill a dragon. I soloed it without any problems. Grinding Pain Equivalent: Punch to the balls.

Well it is grindy, but how is the cash?: I am glad you asked. It is actually pretty decent when you are grinding rep in Skettis. I was getting tons and tons of Netherweave cloth which I turned into bags and sold on the AH. I was making 100-200 gold on bags alone per day while doing my grinds. You will also come across a lot of vendor trash and green items that can be DEed or vendored. Overall, grinding this rep was pretty decent for making money. Cash Flow Rating: Moderate.

Sporregar: Sporeggar are the little fungus dudes that live in Zangarmarsh. They are under attack from the Bog Lords and are getting soundly thrashed. They want your help. They also have a nice non-combat pet which is really the only reason to grind this rep. Lore Factor: More Lulz

Getting Rep: Well, there are several ways to get rep. For starters, there are a few quests in the Cenarion Refuge that have you do some killing in a cave down south. The mobs in this cave are available to be beat up until exalted for rep. They will give you 15 per kill. Probably a slow way to go.

If you are not yet friendly with the Sporregar, you can find a Sporelok walking around on the southern side of the spawning glen. He will give you two quests. One is to pick up 10 of the bulbs in the spawning glen for food. The second is to beat down Bog Lords for their tendrils. Any of the giants in that area will give you tendrils. These are both repeatable quests until you hit friendly. Then he will send you off to Sporregar to talk to the other natives. Note that the rep gains from killing the mobs in the spawning glen will only last you until Honored.

You can do all of the quests in the area, but the two most important quests are "Now that we are friends" and "Bring me a Shrubbery". Both of these quests are repeatable and will net you a whopping 750 rep per turn in. Both of these are available all the way to exalted.

"Now that we are friends" becomes "Now that we are still friends". This quest has you run across the pond and smash 12 Naga Slave Drivers and 6 Naga 0_0.

"Bring me a Shrubbery" turns into "Bring me another Shrubbery" (Monty Python FTW). This quests tasks you with bringing 5 Sanguine Hibiscus to the quest giver. This is the quest you should be focusing on. You get Sangune Hibiscus in Underbog. You can avoid most of the mobs and pick them up off the ground. If you aggro something, NO WORRIES. Many of the mobs also drop the plant. Gather all of the Sanguine Hibiscus you can find all the way up until the beginning of the Naga area. Back track a little and drop down into the water. Pick up a few more on the way out and reset the instance. Rinse and repeat. I picked up about 27 of them in less than 20 minutes of play. That is a metric shit ton on rep. Grinding Pain Equivalent: A paper cut.

Money Opportunities: Unlike the Skyguard grind, you will not be making any money besides the bit of vendor trash you get and maybe a few primal lifes. What this grind lacks in cash, it more than makes up for in speed. You could probably go from unfriendly to exalted in less than a day. If you are a vanity pet collector, do it. If you arent, skip it. Cash Flow Rating: Very Low


Arioch said...

Sporregar also has a tabard to add to your collection.

Alfonsius said...

The dopest tabard in game, i would like to add ;-)

Anonymous said...

The Sporregar do, at least, have the advantage of being moderately cute.

On the other hand, do I understand from this post it's a choice between:

High pain: reasonable cash
Low pain: low cash

I think I'm off to join the Bloodsail Buccaneers...

*vlad* said...

The Skyguard was quite fun back in BC. I would often do the egg bombing daily while on my way to SMV, so no hardship there.
Grinding the big Ents netted lots of herbs and primal lifes, so they were useful to kill as well.
I never did any of the shadow dust grinding stuff; talk about tedious.

Ogrila was a big bore-fest from day 1. I don't think I even got honored with those guys.

Sporeggar used to have a decent alchemy reward at Exalted; otherwise it was pointless to do before Achievements existed.

Drazmor said...

This is great, I've been planning to get my rep up with a few BC factions in hope of one day getting my 'You have no life' 40 exalted factions achievement.