Thursday, September 3, 2009

New VoA Boss....and MORE

Yesterday I got the chance to do Koralon, the new boss in VOA. I did the 10 man version with a pug. We two shotted it. I was one of the two Druid Healers.

The fight was not very difficult to be honest. As long as the two tanks stack and you have some good AOE healing you will be fine....and stay out of the fire. There is lots of fire. We two shotted the new boss in out first look at him.

The whole strategy is:

a) Stack Tanks. If you dont, metor fist will smash their faces in.
b) Dont stand in fire. Just like most other fights...stay out of bad stuff.
c) Heal your ass off (if you are a healer). You will have to do ALOT of healing if you are two man healing it. I did 3400 HPS for the fight and the other Druid did 3100 HPS for the fight.

Also, for those of you who didnt notice, there are now faction changes available for 30 bucks. All of the questions are answered on the official forums. Check it out.


Dorgol said...

Did 25 man last night. 2 wipces and then he went down. As a Paladin healer, the AoE is annoying (though the Beacon changes from 3.2 make it easier). I didn't check HPS output, but I was behind the two tree druids by a few % points.

It's kind of the opposite of Emalon. Emalon tested the DPS to pay attention, switch targets, burn CDs at the right time. Koralon does the same for healers. I need to know when to activate Aura Mastery, when to blast heals, and when to go to the ultimate CD of Divine Shield + Divine Sacrifice.

On the final kill we lost probably 1/2 the raid to people standing the "the dumb" and he was up to 8 or 9 stacks of his selfbuff. When he started spewing that fire AOE, my raidwide 40% damage reduction probably saved us from a wipe.

Fettsbounty said...

I haven't done koralon yet. But I have read the wowiki on him. My first thoughts are along with Dorgols impressio a that this is a test on the healers. While dps still needs to not be dumb, the healers now have to really pay attention and time their aoe heals appropriately