Monday, October 25, 2010

The Patch of QQ, Hallows End, and Wifey!

So far, this patch has produced more QQ than any in a while. Everywhere in tradechat wha wha wha they broke my class. Learn to deal with it and move on. My Warrior prot DPS went way down. I can still tank. It is just a little bit harder.

One think I am really enjoying is the new DK frost spec. Wearing complete garbage gear, I pumped out 4300 in DTK. Just retarded. I am going to play the hell out of him until he gets nerfed.

On to Hallows End. This Holliday is fun, but some of the acheivements are so damn long and boring. Doing Trick or Treat at every single place sucks ass. Yet I am going to give it a shot. All of my toons now have the Sinister Squashling. And Darraxus now has the Reigns of the Horseman. Thank god. I got all kinds of mounts on my alts for Brewfest and crap for Darr.

And now about Wifey. My wife is back to playing WoW. She decided to start up a new character and level it herself to better learn the game. She rolled a little Paladin named Beezzie. So far so good. Level 27 and done mostly on her own besides a few higher level quests.

I now have my mage at level 70 after much neglect and my bank Rogue is level 50. I generally only like leveling them when I have rested XP.

Well thats it for now. Until nest time, stay classy Blogdiego.


River said...

Just curious what spec you rocking out on that mage.

Vordan said...

I only complain because I have to waste my time re-learning everything, and sucking at what I was once good at in the process. It's not fun.

AND...the game has so many bugs still like the mouse over function making the game freeze completely. Yeah that makes doing the Headless Horseman fight a little retarded since everyone tries to click his head only to dc. I was in a group for 30 minutes, all of us dc'ing when we moused over the pumpkin to start the event, we never finished. I left group and I got the loot pumpkin. I didn't understand it because we never even summoned the bastard. Maybe Blizzard felt bad for us, all while laughing.