Thursday, June 23, 2011

Patience is a Virtue

This is really applies to MMOS.

WoW players are very impatient.

They dont want to wait for queues.

They leave instances after a single wipe because everyone is "fail".

They leave a battleground when the other side gets a slight advantage.

I dont really get this attitude. Obviously, you dont want to waste your time, but as the saying goes....shit happens. You can't just quit every single time something goes wrong.

Unfortunately, this is not going to change. A big reason is the cross realm BGs and instance. If you dont really earn a good or bad reputation with your peers, then who gives a crap if you ditch.

I remember back in vanilla and BC when reputation meant something. It meant you got invited to groups and made new contacts with like minded players. It also made you more patient. These were real people who had friends on the server. If you were a douche, you rep could spread. If you were a ninja, you may as well server trasfer.

Being anonymous has lead to a greater disparity in the friendly/dickhead ratio.

And it is never going to change.


Wilhelm Arcturus said...

WoW players? I think it is people in general are impatient when there is little to reward patience or small sanction for not having it.

Example: I used to play the little Internet Backgammon game that comes with Windows. According to my record, I have never won a game, though I have lost plenty.

The reason I have no wins is that most people just quit when it becomes clear they are going to lose. They don't hit forfeit, they just close the app.

I wonder what their win/loss records look like? You don't get a loss if you bail. And if they played me and were winning, I stuck it out so they got a win.

I wonder if that makes them feel good about themselves.

Darraxus said...

That is true. I see it in real life and other games as well. In MW2, people get pissied off when you use grenades. If you werent supposed to use them, they wouldnt be in the game.

I also think that the number of impatient rage quitters is going to go up as kids are going on summer break.

Vordan said...

Yesterday I ran an instance on my 37 paladin tank. I told the hunter to turn growl off his pet. His response back to me was "Stop being a baddie." Considering that I got in a group after that with people all from the same guild/server, we ran for 3 hours together. They were saying they wished I was on their server. As to which I made a toon on their server and joined their guild. It is definitely worth a re-roll to play with people who enjoy playing and also know what they are doing. I have about gave up running on my 85's because I don't want to deal with douche bags. I like to have fun, douche bags do not fit into the fun equation.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, unfortunately any time someone tries to ask somebody to do something to help, they usually end up getting insulted.

Everyone has an inflated sense of self worth.