Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Holy Sporadic Posting Batman!!!!

I have been incredibly busy in real life, and in the meantime, have not had a lot of opportunities for games.

The one game I have played almost none of is WoW. I dont know why, but I just cant bring myself to log on for anything more than reposting auctions before 30 days in the mailbox is up. Maybe one of these days I will just feel the need to level some more toons, but currently, I am spending my play time elsewhere.

I have cooled off on Diablo a bit until the newest patch comes out (which I think will be today if what I am reading is correct).

In the meantime, I have been playing a decent chunk of Black Ops 2 by myself.

I have also been playing MW 2 and Torchlight 2 with my sister, which is always fun. My sister is certainly getting better at MW2 after several games where she was like 1-15 or 0-13. Still not a 1 KD player yet, but she is getting there.

I have not been keeping up on gaming news all that much being so busy, so I dont really even know what will be coming out.

I had a previous comment asking me if I will be playing Neverwinter. I am assuming that this will be a Neverwinter MMO, in which case the answer is....maybe? I really enjoyed the NWN games on the PC and would enjoy a world based on it, but I dont know if an MMO could capture the feeling that the stories in those games generate. It would be like trying to do a Baldur's Gate MMO. Speaking of Baldur's Gate, I heard that they were going to redo the game with updated graphics. That would be something to play. I would be even happier if they decided to do it with Planescape: Torment.

In other life stuff, I have finished the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series and really enjoyed it. I have also been watching the GoT show each week and loving every minute of it. My wife and friends are all non readers, so they get to be shocked just like I was when some of the crazy stuff goes down. I have also been watching a new Sci Fi series called Defiance. It is pretty decent overall, but a bit cheesy.

Anyways, what have the rest of you been up to in the meantime?

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