Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Inferno Control: Titan Playground

I love the Inferno game modes in Destiny Crucible......none more than I love Inferno Control. For those who dont know, Inferno is basically the same game mode....only with no radar.

As the title of the post says, this is where I LOVE to play my Titan. As a Striker Titan, you have an ability called shoulder charge. It is a one hit melee, but it takes a bit of charge time, and the charge only last for 5 seconds before you need to charge it up again by sprinting. The biggest problem with shoulder charge is shotguns. There are a lot of shotguns running around crucible, and with radar on, people can easily just blast you mid charge.

Inferno is a little bit different. If they dont SEE you coming, they dont know you are coming. This makes shoulder charge and amazing weapon. The key is to flank around the outside of the maps and then pinch in to the positions where most people are generally going to fight their gunbattles. Sneak up behind them and charge them in back of the head. It is pretty common for me to get at least a triple kill right from the start by flanking around and taking them unaware from behind. Thats right, I take dat booty.

My prefered troll loadout for Inferno on my titan:

Shouldercharge and Transfusion: Shouldercharge has already been explained, and Transfusion heals you when you shouldercharge. Sweet.

DOUBLE SHOTGUN ALL THE WAY: My ultimate troll move is that I run Universal Remote (shotgun) as a primary and Felwinter's Lie (Shotgun) as a secondary. That way I never run out of shotgun ammo if the blueberries keep pulling it.

MK 44 Standasides or Peregrine Greaves: I prefer the Standasides as my exotic piece because it increases the duration of the shouldercharge.....charge....to 8 seconds. It give me more uptime where I dont have to start my sprint over again. The Peregrine Greaves are another great choice, and they are outstanding for killing bladedancers and sunsinger in their supers. If you do the mid air shoulder charge, they will both be one shot as the Greaves make your flying shouldercharge do triple damage.

No go forth you thirsty Titans....quench you thirst on the tears of you enemies.

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