Monday, May 16, 2016

Why you do dis Blizz and Happy Birthday D3!

Seriously, this is the longest two weeks I have ever had to a wait for a game. I want to get my grubby little mitts on Overwatch, and there is still another week to go.

Mostly been playing Diablo 3, working on some stuff in season.

Speaking of D3, today is its 4th birthday. It has basically been two games in the time since it was released. When it came out, while I did enjoy it, the game was way too fucking hard, and the drops were shit. You were literally better off having yellow armor than legendaries. You could of course sell stuff on the AH, which just meant that bots ended up making a lot of money. I actually made enough to buy Cataclysm, so I guess I cant complain too much.

They really turned the game around though, and it became a really fun loot based game with a competitive side should you like that sort of thing. Great job Blizzard.

On a Destiny note, while I have not been playing, I have been quite happy that the community is continuing to roast Bungie about skill based matchmaking. It looks like they may actually do something about it this time.

And for you Overwatch hankering, here is the new animated short they released today.

and here is a comic.

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