Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wow and Family

It really is great fun when you can enjoy WOW with the ones you love. Yesterday, my fiancee and I spent a large chunk of time doing the Noble Gardener achivements. We both had a great time as I rode across Azeroth with her in my sidecar.  She had not been to most of those areas and enjoyed the trip. As per her usualy custom, she loved just about every creature on the way "just in case".

It took time (and getting lucky finding that last troll female), but we got her the very first title of her WoW career. 

We also managed to help her along to 75 by finishing the Ursoc chain in Grizzly Hills. I will have a full weekend update tommorow, just figured I would share some of my joy today.

Oh yeah, and if you ever have dinner with Occeleta IRL, he is content to let you look like a goober if you get food in your goatee....just an FYI.

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Fettsbounty said...

That I am. Be glad I didn't snap a pic for all to see. lol