Sunday, August 9, 2009

100k away

Only 100k until I reach the gold cap on my bank toon. Depending on the market, this should probably take me about a month or so to get there.

Sorry for the completly lazy post....its Sunday....and Im playing.

Actually im AFK posting my glyphs. A lot of my competitiors have returned to the market and apparently they brought friends :(


Anonymous said...

How do you know which glyphs to craft for a profit? I've been trying to make gold from selling them but I can't figure out which glyphs to craft without opening my trade window next to the AH and searching glyph by glyph for which ones sell at a decent price, which just takes too long.

Darraxus said...

I have an addon called Littlesparky's workshop that will show you the AH price of materials as well as an idea of what the glph goes for. The addon is old, but very helpful.