Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Update

If you want to see how Blizzcon went, scroll down to the post just below this one. This one is about the very limited time that was actually spent in the game this weekend.

Instances/Raiding: Zero raids over the weekend. On Sunday evening, I did a few instances to try and get those last few emblems for my t 8.5 helmet. I started out with a very quick run of Heric ToC where the sword refused to drop yet again. From there, the healer (who is from my guild) and I headed over to Heroic Violet Hold. We grabs some pugs which include a DK, a Warlock, and an Arms warrior.

We are doing OK, but the DK keeps pulling aggro despite doing about 1800-2000 dps. Then I inspect him more closely to tell him to get the hell out of Frost Presence. No answer. Healer announces to get out of Frost in raid warning. No answer. We let him die for his stupidity. He responds with a "..........". I then ask if he speaks answer. Instead of rezzing him, we just boot him from the group and 4 man the first two bosses.

For some reason, right after the second boss, the Arms Warrior left the group. We had zero wipes to that point. He got a good tongue lashing from out healer which landed our healer on the Warrior's ignore list. We 3 manned the last trash pulls as well as the final boss to finish up the instance.

The healer had to leave and I picked up a Pally healer and some more pugs to do CoS. I didnt have much time so I decided we defiantely wanted to do a timed run. Long story short, we got it with 3 minutes left and a Warlock who had never even been to CoS got himself a Bronze Drake.

After that run, I was able to purchase my helmet and do all of the gemming and enchanting that it needed.

Leveling/Questing: Before we headed up to Blizzcon, we did one more set of dailies for my fiancee. This was enough to push her to level 80 finally! We can now actually run instance together. We may possibly start tonight. She is already at about 1400 spell power and should be able to at least put up a decent showing in Heroics.

Auction House: My AH situation was a mess over the weekend. Leaving on Thursday meant that I was undercut a ton of times and my auctions expired well before I got back. I think I only brought in about 1400 gold. It didnt help that I only posted about 500 glyphs before I left due to time constraints. I spent my first 2 hours getting back up to speed including emptying my mail, reposting those, buying materials to make more, and then making TONS of glyphs. I ended up posting over 900 last night. This morning I had to repost nearly 500 of them as they had been undercut. The one good thing that my absence may have done is let the market go back up a bit. I am selling a lot of glyphs for higer prices again. I am currently hovering at around 132k gold...until I get home.

How was your weekend?

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