Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What do you do while you Blog?

I am sure that most of us are doing something else while we are blogging. For me, it is usually one of two things. I am usually blogging while reposting my auctions in the morning, or occasionally I blog on break at work.

When I am playing WoW, I am playing WoW. I would rather spend the time playing than blogging. Same goes for when I am spending time with my wife. Wife time > Blog Time.

The hardest thing about blogging is coming up with new things on a regular basis. Hence why I talk about fail pugs much of the time. That is what I have been doing lately....well pugs, not really ALL fail pugs. They are generally good, but the bad ones are the ones you remember.

So, I am going to turn this into a meme. HAHA. Got you mutherfuckers.

So, what do you do while you blog.

I choose



Jong the Illest Flypally

and Vordan the Nub

You been tagged bitches.


Delerius said...

Same here.. except for the wife part. I haven't found mine yet..

Fail pugs do make great blog fillers though!

Eversor said...

I am at work when I'm blogging. Too many wives (well, just one wife...) and kids at home to do it there! However I only read and write in between appointments....not during...yet.

Anonymous said...

Work, all the time, not much time at home between family and friends.

Basically I stare at my desk all day, but it looks like I’m working.

Vordan said...

So...since Im a nub explain wtf a meme is, because I cant find anything on the interwebz that explains and makes any sense! IRZ Nub.

And while i blog I usually just listen to some music or something. I cant play wow and tab out because it freezes my game up but yeah I listen to music, maybe surf other blogs.

Jong said...

"I am sure that most of us are doing something else while we are blogging."

You're not giving me undivided attention? I'm hurt.

Arioch said...

Sweet, topic for Friday!

Fettsbounty said...

Hahaha, finally given up on getting me to blog. My plan has succeeded, no more memes for me. BWAHEHAHAHAEHEEEEAHHA

What's my main Again? said...

^^ Anonymous sounds legit... you should check it out...