Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gearing Up For Cataclysm

No, not as in getting the best gear possible. I have been trying to gear up by gaining some levels on my much neglected alts.

These alts are the red headed step children of my stable (sorry, Gingers dont have souls).

Recently I have been farting around on my Hunter and Rogue mainly. My hunter is the second character that I ever made and he has never been at the level cap during any expansion. Right now I have him at 71, and the same problem still exists....I dont particularly find Hunters to be fun.

I grabbed a dual spec on him so that soloing would not be so terrible (I was running a survival spec and my pet seemed to be made of cardboard). Now I am happily eating faces as BM. Speaking of BMs, I my rogue is not fun at all.

My rogue is squishy. He also does terrible DPS. I dont have an AOE. I just cant compete with any other class in overall damage and dps except on boss fights. I am mainly leveling my Rogue because my sister powerleveled her druid up to that range and it is more fun to level with someone than alone.

I still have Crispee the pink haired Gnome mage as well. He is very squishy, but I usually have fun playing him because he is quirky.

I think I am also going to start beating down some of those old BC reps with Darraxus before the expansion comes out. Starting with Netherwing and maybe following that with Kurenai.

This is the first time that I have played any amount of time in a few weeks. At least it gives me something to do.

Until next time.


Vordan said...

I will tell you something, leveling a rogue to 80 is quite boring no matter what because of the aoe issue. You will always be at the bottom of the dps meter until maybe Northrend, it is easier but only if other dps suck. The best thing you can do is go back to combat (super boring) and get killing spree. Druids are fun...that is all I will say.

Tam said...

And what of Nomnomhealz?!

He is ACTUALLY a red-headed stepchild.

Anonymous said...

maybe its just me, but out off all the classes i played rogue was the best. if speced into combat that is. you can kill so fast when you quest and you can sneak by anything and kill the 1 thing you need and leave. when i level i stay away from instance runs they give almost no gold and questing is so much faster.

on your hunter if your going to quest as anything other than BM have a bear for a pet they can hold agro than other pets and live a long time.