Thursday, May 20, 2010

I hate you Netherwing Eggs

These sons of bitches are a pain in the ass to find. I WANT MAH REP.

The other dailies are pretty quick and easy so far. I have a bad feeling that this rep grind may take a bit longer than I would like. Too bad you dont get rep for grinding the mobs as well.

Ah well. I also picked up two new sexy heirlooms for my mage. I want to play his ugly little ass for some reason.

That is all. Nothing to see here. Move along.


Valorum said...

I used youtube and found videos of people showing every single egg spawn location. It helped my grind significantly.

Good luck.

Leah said...

Valorum has it right. Once you know the locations its very quick to get eggs. Of course, its best when no one else is farming rep, becasue they might have just gotten the spawns and new ones are not showing up for another 40 minutes to an hour at least.

I did the grind on 2 characters so far and I had the best success with spawns in the mines/caves.

Tyrsalt said...

When I did my grind i got the gatherer addon then downloaded the wowhead database. This allowed me to turn off all locations except for the netherwing eggs locations. Made the grind a lot easier as some can be a pain to find.

Vulpina said...

I actually just did this grind about a month ago. It seemed like when I stopped focusing on finding them I found them rather quickly. I just did all my dailies and picked up the eggs when I saw them. It also helps if you have mining or herb, because they can and do very frequently drop in the nodes. Which are easier to find than eggs themselves. Also, the oozes in the mine also seem to drop them more frequently than anything else.

Myariki said...

Nice blog! I hate the netherwing quests. HATE EM!