Friday, September 13, 2013

The Ole Flipparoo

Yeah, I said fliparoo. Pretty sure that is not a real word. This post is actually in regards to how my wife and I have swapped roles in WoW more or less over the last several years. I don't mean that I was a tank turned healer and she did the opposite. I mean our play time in Azeroth as well as what we do when we play.

If you read many of my earliest blog posts, a lot of it was about the battle between my wife and I about me playing WoW. She thought that I should play less, I I was in a raiding guild at the time during BC doing Kara, SSC, TK etc. She was not yet playing.

The first character I got her to start was a Hunter. She was more interested in keeping her pet happy with food than she was with pew pewing. I even wrote some "guides" on how to get your SO to play.

That Hunter went away as I believe it had been created on my account. I am not sure at the moment, and don't really want to go and dig it up. We got her an account somewhere near the start of WotLK. She created her first real character, Gurrtrude the Boomkin. She loved the Boomkin form and started leveling.

During Wrath, she was afraid of doing instances to start with. Then she started doing instances with our group of friends. We had a good amount of fun. She was still terrified of doing anything Raid related and also terrified of doing random dungeons because she had some bad experiences with douche nozzels calling her a noob and such. She even ended up leveling a Paladin to max level during Wrath. I never thought I would see her have one max level character, let alone two.

During Cataclysm, we continued playing with our regular group and she became more comfortable running stuff. She leveled Gurrtrude to max level, her Paladin to max level, another Druid to max level....I know lol, and then a Rogue towards the end of the expansion. As time was running out on Cata, they came out with Raid finder. Up to that point, the only raids we had really done were old raids for transmog gear, which resulted in a many week battle of my wife trying to get her Antlers from Blackwing Lair.

We decided we wanted to see about defeating Deathwing since it was the last boss of the expansion and used Raid Finder as the tool. What do you know, she loved it!

MoP came out, and we continued along. She ended up with 5 max level characters when I had two. She added a sixth, and I now have six as well. She has also raided a shit ton more than I have. By herself, in raid finder. Not only is she not shy about raiding any more, she speaks up when people are being asshats to others.

So, when we started, she hated WoW and I was a serious raider. Now, I casually do whatever, and she is the serious raider. That is a day that I never thought I would see. I am actually proud of her progress in WoW. She has graduated beyond noob.

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