Friday, September 20, 2013

Warhammer Online closing

Well, the end is apparently here. I got Warhammer Online when it was released. I played for a bit, but it was a bit to strenous on my old computer. I also was not happy with no Troll Slayer, which is by far my favorite class in the Warhammer Universe.

I even picked the game up again recently and gave it another try! I got a Trollslayer to around level 15 or so before setting the game down again.

When I first played the game, there were many servers and even queues to get into some of them. At the end, there were two servers. One for NA and one for EU. It fell far and fast.

The game wasnt bad, but it was not very good for casual players. The PvE was terrible. The PvP was good. At the end, the low level zones were a barren wasteland while everyone played on their high level characters.

I hope that they come out with an online Warhammer game some day that does everything that I would hope. I actually think a cooperative PC version of Warhammer Quest would be quite amazing and a lot of fun.

RIP Warhammer online.

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