Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I are Huntard here me pew

Huntards. They have been reviled as asshats since the beginning of wow. Now my huntard is 78 and closing in on the cap for the first time ever. Having played one quite alot lately it is easy to see how many huntards can be so fucking terrible. They are so easy even a caveman could level it. Seriously. Easymode. All you need to get to 80 is a pulse. That is probably why there are so many bots that play huntards. My hunter is not incredibly geared and I usually top the dos meters....as beast master. Now that leads me to wonder. Which is easier....the original king of the noon classes aka the hunter or the heir apparent to mouth breathers everywhere....the deathtard? What do you think....and which is more boring to play?


Darth Solo said...

If you think you're a huntard you're probably not.

Though my hunter is my main I think the deathknight is marginally more fun. Well, right now I'm in love with my ret pally but that's another story.

Heywood Djiblomi said...

Given that my DK made it to 80, and my hunter, which dates back to early BC, still languishes at 72...

I think my answer is right there.

I'm really digging both my dedicated feral toon (yes, a second druid) and my affliction warlock (CoEx kiting is way, waaaaaaaaaay OP, and SoC spam in 5-mans is lulz) right now, though. Both are early 70s.

Vordan said...

Leveled a dk to 80...hate it, its terribly boring. My hunter is 72, it is slightly more exciting, but not quite. They both to me are classes ill have at 80 and never play again. I like there to be some challenge in playing.

Blackthought said...

hey man welcome back and nothing will ever wipe a raid like a huntard and his pullin-groups-of mobs-from-the-other-room-pet

Kusamoto said...

I have a DK at 55 that's never left the Ebon Hold.

I have a Hunter at 14 on a separate server I only play when Silver Hand takes its monthly dumper on everyone.

Meh? Right now, I'm too into my main's ICC experience and mage alt facemelting little bag of cuteness (and evil) to pay much attention to anything else. But neither really excite me.

Undead hunter, though...I'm going to be all about it.