Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Late to the Party

So, I was a bit late to the Icecrown Party. I got into my first ICC 10 man this past weekend. And I had some fun. We cleared the first six bosses and may have gotten more had I not had to go to sleep at that point.

For my troubles I got a new tanking ring from the instance and one from the rep I got while in there....Oh, and I fricking love the gunship battle. Rocket packs FTW. I was a Dwarven Boba Fett minus falling into the Sarlac.

I also got to level 79 on my Hunter and will be making that final push to the big 80. I think the rest of my toons will end up no higher than 70 before Cat due to the adjustment in Northrend leveling.

Another happy note for me was that two more of my online buddies came back. I had not seen them for quite some time and was a bit discouraged, but they were doing the same thing as I was. Just kinda waiting for Cataclysm.

Can't wait for the expansion and to replace all of my epics with the first blues I find.


Darth Solo said...

You'll likely replace some epics with quest greens. Which is a bit sad but not unexpected.

Vordan said...
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Vordan said...

I was watching WoWhobbs video on beta and he says the first blues he seen had stats that resembled Sindrigosa loot, and that was at level 81. It will basically be BC all over again regarding gear. The Epics from BC mostly lasted well to 80 because of socketing, unlike the BC greens compared to vanilla epics.

Kudos said...

Gunship... fun fight for anyone on the "away team"

The only boss that I have more fun with is Thadius, who knew someone wearing 10 tonnes of plate could be thrown that far :)