Friday, August 27, 2010


It is still all over the place especially in LFG. Since hitting 80, I have been trying to get some decent gear for my Hunter. That means running the Icecrown instances ALOT.

I got into Hall of Reflection. Waves go smoothly and we kill the first boss. Then the tank just quits group.

Then shortly after, I get into another Halls of Reflection...with the same douche of a tank. Guess what happens? If you guessed that we killed the first boss and he fled like an asshat, then you are correct.

Seriously, if you are going to run an instance with people you dont know, at least have the courtesy of finishing the instance....or letting them know that you are just farming that one boss.

This fuck you is for you Chumi of Gurubashi. May your loot never drop and your testacles fall off if it does.

In other news, I got into my first raid last night with my Hunter. VOA 10 woohoo. I even put up a respectable 3500 dps for the run. The only disapointment is that nobody ever does anything past the most recent bosses to be added. Oh well.

Peace and chicken grease.


Darth Solo said...

Damn is that the same tank I ran HoR with one time? He dropped after the first boss.

Vordan said...

If it is Reg and not a DK tank, they just want the shield, if its heroic, they want the weapon. I don't get why people drop out because even if im farming something from the first boss, I finish. People are just douchebags.