Friday, November 9, 2012

RNG is so weird sometimes.

Last night I was doing some Act 3 runs when a person who I recently added to my friends list asked if I wanted to do some Ubers on MP5. Since it was MP5 I agreed and joined up with them. I went very well overall and I died less than I have ever died over the 6 total uber fights. This also included soloing both Ghom and Raknaroth down from about 40 percent health each.

One of thd Kulle fights proved to be a pain in the ass when the two DHs did not keep Kulle far enough away from Siegebreaker and I got killed by a couple of fireballs and cave ins.

The interesting part of the night was that I got an organ on every single uber boss we tried. All six dropped an organ. That is some great coin flipping considering that I had previously gotten 1 organ in 9 ubers fights the last time I ran it.....on MP 6 and 7.

Now I have made about 4 Hellfire Rings and they all mostly suck. I have one on my farming set, one on my Barbarian's Templar, one on my level 40 Monk, and one on my level 12 Witch Doctor. The stats for those last two are not great, but the 35 percent xp boost and the fireball are worth it.

I also helped a freshly dinged level 60 Barbarian with some gear. He was wearing either pre-60 gear or gear with reduced level requirement. It was not looking too good.

The pieces I gave him were not the greatest things of all time, but should do him some good. He went from like 20k health and very low DPS to over 30k health and about 33k dps. He also tripled his resists. It felt nice to help someone out, and I think I may start creating noob sets out of some of the stuff I pick up while farming and give them out. It feels good to help someone out.


Bearness said...

Dear Darraxus,

I need a new glove and a bracer. TY in advance.


Darraxus said...

Haha. You have way more gold than I do...BUY THEM :p

I got some new gloves last night for 2 million on a bid. They are pretty sweet.

Darraxus said...

One of these days Im going to get a Hellfire Ring with Str, crit damage, crit, and IAS. Then the expansion is going to come out the next day.

Bearness said...

Haha, if you get a ring with all that, I think it'll still be worth it. I feel like I'll have Paragon 100 on all characters by the time I get one of those.

I'm pretty curious how the expansion will work though. I doubt they'll make more regular/Paragon levels. Are they going to raise ilvl? Or keep things at max i63 and just make more variety of items? This isn't WOW so I really hope they don't keep raising ilvls and make all previous gear worthless. I guess we shall see.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, I love WoW, but dont want the to go the level raise route and gear reset. New content would be best if you ask me. Maybe they had a few new stats to make you think about getting gear with the new stats on them.