Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Quality of Life in D3

In D3, for those that dont know, there is a quality of life stat on gear....it is called pickup radius.

If you dont have it, you will really want it. I mean REALLY want it.

I have not had it on my Barbarian since he was leveling. It is really quite painful to have to run over each stack of gold. Especially when it seems that you have to run over it multiple times to pick the damn thing up.

Yesterday, I decided enough was enough. I decided to change out a couple of pieces in my farming set. I got a new helmet that had a 7 yard pickup radius. Then I got some shoulders that had the same. My DPS went down, but my happiness went up.

I cannot recommend this highly enough for those of you who farm MP 0 for speed. You NEED to have that pickup radius. I am not having to leave nearly as much behind in the interest of speed.

Now, Witchdoctors are the lucky ones. They have pickup radius built into a lot of their stuff. I think Bearness said his WD had a 72 yard pickup radius or some ridiculous ass number.

The only thing I wish is that they would come out with a new armor slot that did not have any offense stats...just stats like pickup radius, gold find, magic find, plus XP. I think that they could make a trinket slot to fill that.


Bearness said...

Yeah, agree 100%. Pick up radius is a great quality of life stat. Even 6~7 yards makes a HUGE difference. I keep some radius gear for low MP farming too. But, I don't believe in low MP farming unless it's for exp, though I guess that's another story.

I love your trinket idea. That would be pretty neat if they implemented it.

By the way, WD stuff doesn't have built-in radius. I just bought/found bunch of cheap radius gears for my WD so I could have fun with it. For WD, it's sorta worth it because one of their passives takes advantage of p/u radius.

Darraxus said...

Well, doesnt their bis off hand have like a 20 yard PU radius?

Bearness said...

I do have i62 legendary froggy off-hand that has 20 yard. Stats are decent, but not that high. I think their BIS off-hand is i63 legendary snake (at least that's what I remember seeing high level WDs using) and I don't remember it having a p/u radius. Then again, I'm not really an expert on WD gear and don't have access to game guide right now so I could be wrong.