Wednesday, November 7, 2012


This is how I felt after running two sets of Ubers last night and getting one very terrible Hellfire Ring made.

Seriously it was quite frustrating. I think that we may have been about 1 MP level too high for me. Teknique and Bearness seemed to be doing fine at that MP level, but I felt like I spent much of my time running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Somehow, I saved the day in Magdha-Leoric. In this bizarro universe, I was the last one standing and rezzed my fallen comrades and we ended up taking down the bosses.

I died twice on Ghom and Raknaroth. It was Rak was kept insta gibbing me while I was whirlwinding my merry ass off.

Then there is Kulle and Siegebreaker....oh god the humanity. I fucking hate that fight. I fortunately figured out how to survive.....stay the hell away from Kulle.

After a couple of full wipes (not just me getting splattered on the floor 5-6 times), we separated the two bosses on opposite sides of the room. Bearness got on Kulle while Teknique and I got on Siegebreaker. After a while, Teknique headed over to Kulle, and it was just me on siegebreaker....and I survived. My strategy was to run at him using my Run Like the Wind and then whirlwinding thru him. I then sprint out the other side and let my tornados do the damage. Rinse and repeat. I really didnt even take much damage.

The best part......Kulle didnt kill me once....not a single time. Not with a bullshit fireball...not with a fucking cave in....not once. That was nice.

On a side note, I will probably take a break from Ubers until at least the weekend. I think I will just do some low MP Paragon level grinding in Act 3. I LOVE the mob density there.


Bearness said...

Haha, they can be a pain the ass, but I like the uber fights as a change of pace from mindless farming. I think our runs would've smoother if we had a 4th. Anyway, I won't bug you to do ubers for a while. =P

Darraxus said...

Ha well if you need someone, I am usually up to go, but I definately needed to cool off from those ubers last night. I went and played MW3 to unload some fustration lol.

Bearness said...

By the way, I think you were running with only like 29K health yesterday if I remember correctly? That might have been a part of the reason why they were instagibbing you. I was using an amethyst in my helm.

Anyway, I just wanted you guys to have a decent chance in return for the machines you were using. But, we could just lower 1 MP next time or something. No big deal.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, I noticed that yesterday as well. When I switched out some gear, it apparently gimped my HP, which is why I think I was getting destroyed by Raknaroth. Hard to find a good balance between DPS, AR, and Stamina. Im going to look for some big Stam upgrades in leg and chest spots though.

Bearness said...

Yeah, it's not easy. Just getting DPS upgrades is expensive enough. Getting a gear with DPS and vit (and AR)? Be ready to break the piggy bank...assuming your piggy bank has millions in the first place. I was sort of toying around with the idea of swapping my str gems for vit, but I hate losing DPS. I need RNG gods to give me a 2 billion drop so I can just go nuts and stop compromising.