Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Marvel Heroes first Impressions

Last night I logged into Marvel Heroes for the first time. I decided to go with Thing as my starting hero. I ended up getting Scarlet Witch as my second random hero.....the one that I least wanted. But that is ok.

The game itself it quite a bit of fun. You get quests, and run around and smash bad guys. Most of the bosses are done in a group, but with enough patience, you can probably solo some of them as well. I ended up soloing "The Hood" last night when the rest of the group bailed before we even got to him.

I also got to play a bit with my friend Kev (who is playing Iron Man currently, but also got Cyclops and Colossus). It was good fun just running around and smashing bad guys. The only part so far that has been a frustration is that my inventory seems to fill up way too fast.

Thing is now level 11 and I will be getting around to buying the Hulk on Friday most likely.


Anonymous said...

The Thing is a poor man's Hulk anyhow.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, that is what I figured.