Friday, July 11, 2008

I got a feva...and the only more healing

We went into TK last night and and only downed VR including a people acting like retards 1 percent wipe on the first try. Three defender tokens dropped...WOOHOO......three priests have more DKP (DAMN). That puts me next in line for the shoulders.

We are currently recruiting more healers. We are running one resto shaman and the rest priests at the moment due to lack of options. If anyone is interested, we are 3/5 MH, 3/4 TK, and 5/6 SSC. We could use more resto shamans, resto droods, and Holy Pallys. We are also looking for more ranged DPS (notably Warlocks and Hunters as we already have like 5 mages.)

We do have another Holy pally in guild with about half epics but he is absolutely terrible. He got outhealed by our Shadowpriests in the raid yesterday....Lol wut?

On a side note in real life, my GF is an absolute beast when it comes to negotiating things. If you looked at her, you probably wouldnt think so but she is feisty. She is in school to be a nurse, but I think she would be a terrific lawyer. We got a cable bill that was more expensive than it should have been (we got charged for two months at the new non promotional rate which which should have been one month at the new promotional rate. Long story short, she calls the cable company and pisses the Customer Service off enough that they actually ended up hanging up on her (big no-no in customer service). She calls back and speaks to a supervisor. We now have our cable/internet extended at the promotional price lol. By the time this "promotional deal" ends, we will have had it for about 3 years.

So yeah......we need healers.....and my GF pwns your GF :).

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