Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Morning Quarterback

Not a whole lot happened over the weekend. I had my worst kara run in months. Took over 4 hours to clear as opposed to the normal 3 or so hours. It seemed like there was a general lack of focus, especially from our PVP spec ret pally who pulled aggro on pretty much every single pull. I did some more instancing with my hunter who is now 67. I have destroyed all other DPS in those instances. Last night I blew away two mages. We cruised through mana tombs until the escort. We had a brief server reset yesterday which caused us to have to run Mana Tombs 1 and a half time. The second time we forgot to clear all the mana wyrms. We wiped on the last part before the mini boss. Awesome.

I have been exclusively pugging with my Hunter. Most of the time, my guild does not want to run an under 70 instance. Another thing I enjoy with pugs is that you have to be on top of your game due to the fact that so many players are just plain bad. I rarely get asked to trap, but I often put a freezing trap at the healers feet or a in mana tombs I would lay down a frost trap for the mana wyrms. I dont really understand how some players can be bad on hunters.

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