Thursday, July 31, 2008

Random Musings

Well this will probably be my last post until nexts Mon or Tues as I will be headed out of state to visit my Grandparents for the weekend. Im am very excited as I have not seen them in almost 4 years and my GF who I have been with for 2 has still not met them. They are like my parents and it sucks that they moved away :(.

On a WoW note, I did some more Arena this week with my lock and it did not go quite as well. We went 8-10, but we are still running into teams with Vengeful weapons and shoulders. We faced a full Vengeful Shatter combo and came very close to beating them. I somehow managed to kill the rogue before the mage pasted me, but my Ret pally partner could not finish off the Mage. We only lost 5 rating for that loss so Im guessing that we would have gained around 25-30 had we won.

I think this team will end up with a fairly high rating, but I am hoping that last seasons 2000 rated teams will be out of my bracket soon. We do win some against them, but it cam be very difficult at times.

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