Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Arena Season 5: Staying Prot.

EI am going to stay prot for arena season 5 for several reasons (assuming I still have my uber ret pally partner).

1) He does enough damage, and with all of the support abilities I will have as a prot warrior, he should be able to smash them into the ground. Some of the abilities that I really like for PvP

a) Gag Order: If you are specced into this, you really are a caster's worst nightmare. You can silence them from a distance with heroic throw, or while you are up close with a good ole shield bash.

b) Warbringer: Charging in combat from any stance is hawt. Having it break snare effect such as frost nova is extra hawt. A warbring charge followed by a sheld bash is BAAAAAADDDDD for casters.

c) Concussion Blow: Not only does it stun the opponent, but it hits for a very good amount of damage. Mine crits for over 3k.

d) Shield Slam: Besided being a prot warrior's big damage ability, it also takes a buff off of the target. Get a few of these in and you opponent will be practically naked.

e) Shockwave: A nice chunk of damage and an even better AOE stun.

f) Improved Spell Reflect: It will be more deadly for casters to focus fire now. Improved spell reflect not only reflects for you, but you teammate. Frostfire bolt in your FACE.

g) Damage Shield: Watch and laugh as a rogue beats himself to death.

h) Other nice abilities for warriors: Enraged regenration is a nice self heal, and intimidating shout is a nice interrupt. Lets not forget that retalliation and shield wall are now on seperate 5 minute cooldowns and shield block will come in handy against rogues.

It aint bad to be prot in PvP anymore.


Tom said...

Have you done any matches this season? I did a set of 10 last night.... to me it was like having to learn arena all over again. Every class has new spells I'm not familiar with and of course new combos including the DK.

Darraxus said...

Nah, plan to do my first arena tonight. It is going to take a lot of getting used to the new abilities. Especially for DKs as I havent really played one.

Anonymous said...

who are u teaming up with ? i am playing prot for s5 as well, if it turns out viable that is.. But i only figured a 3v3 setup, as the prot warrior doesn't really got all that much of a burst if u come to think about it, u need the devastates and sunders to kick in first to kill stuff. That comes rather fast tho. Btw u won't be the target so revenge might not proc at all, so it's shield slam and shockwave.
Btw u forgot to mentioned the most important reason for going prot, something that no other class or spec can provide : the 10% extra dmg taken from disarm. So for the burst period your team has that extra 10% that the other team doesn't have, and it could really make a diference

Darraxus said...

My usual partner is a ret pally who was amazing before they even got good, so that is probably who I will be teaming with.