Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blitzing Heroics and the New Guild

Well, last night I said goodbye to my long time guild which has been falling apart at the seems lately. I ended up joining a guild which had several of my old guild members. Go figure lol. Anyways, I started out doing some Hodir dailies when I got a tell from a former guildy to do Archavon. I get summoned there, we kill trash.....there is no boss. Somebody who had already been saved came to the instance. DOH. So we disban and I start doing Heroics.

We start with Heroic VH where I get my pants to drop finally :) They tried to make me work for it as we got the Voidwalker boss and Xezozz (the Ethereal guy), but we 1 shotted both of them.

Next up was Heroic Drak'Tharon which was also the Heroic daily. We blasted thru in in absolutely no time thanks to a great balanced group. I got a DPS chest upgrade off of the Lich boss.

Then we headed off to Heroic Azjol-Nerub and one shotted all of the bosses there with no problems.

Last, we did Heroic Utgardde Pinnacle and blitzed thu the instance, only dying once when the third boss landed right on top of our healer and one shotted him. We collected our loots and were done for the night.

The healer was my favorite Druid healer from my old guild. He is now in my new guild. We got a bunch of badges, and I am less than 40 away from getting my T7 chest. I am thinking that I may be able to get it this weekend. After that I will be going for the gloves for my two piece set bonus (but will be grinding out the Kirin Tor rep for those tanking gloves until then.

My new guild seems a lot like my old guild when my old guild was good. It makes me happy that most of the people I liked are now in this guild. Sometimes change isnt really change at all....besides getting more purples :)


Anonymous said...

heroics are quite a joke in wrath along with all raid content besides Sart w/ 3 drakes. enjoy ur new guild and keep grinding.

Darraxus said...

That is what I hear. I havent really gotten a chance to do any raiding this expansion. Had a pug shot at Naxx which did not go well at all.

Gamer Hudson said...

Nice glad you found a new home so fast!

Unknown said...

Good luck in your new old guild.

Keep trying 10man Naxx and also keep recruiting =P.

Hopefully I can find a tank for 5mans this weekend so I don't have to respec.

Darraxus said...

Great DPS makes a run amazingly easier. In my run thru Drak'Tharon our Ret Pally and DK were both pulling out about 2400 dps.