Thursday, December 4, 2008

First Heroic

Besides doing alot of farming last night (got my engineering to 446 off of a yellow and then green level up to go along with tons or Eternals) I got to run my first heroic!

Utgarrde Pinnacle was the Heroic Daily yesterday and there is a chance it will drop my HAWT tanking sword. I picked it up, grabbed some DPS (Rogue buddy, Enhancement Shaman Guildy, Arena partner Ret Pally, and a pug Holy Priest. This was my first level 80 isntance tanked, let alone Heroic.

The run with pretty smoothly with the obligatory one wipe on each boss so I could really get the hang of it :( The first boss is pretty easy as long as you stay out of the candles. The second boss is also very easy as it is a bunch of beasties that come in waves. The third boss was the toughest as you have to fight a bunch of waves of baddies before you get to fight him, then he does a very nasty whirlwind. Probably lasted a bit longer since all of our DPS was melee and had to back out of the whirlwinds.

The last boss wasnt incredibly difficult. He makes you cower in terror and runs up to a Vrykul boat where he usually summons some type of mob. He also has an ability that he casts where you can hit in while he has it or it does a ton of damage to you. At the end, the stupid mail DPS belt dropped and no tanking sword for me. The priest put me on his friends list and said if I ever need a healer just holler.

Hopefully, the next time I play, I will have the time to get my engineering to 450 and make my damn shotgun. This weekend, I am planning to run Naxx, but if we dont have the bodies (like I suspect will happen), I will just end up running a bunch of heroics instead. I think I may get the belt as my first piece of badge loot, but im unsure. I want the chest the most, but I think that the belt is possibly the biggest upgrade atm.


Unknown said...

gratz on your first succesful heroic run!

Took me awhile to get my sword. I hate that gauntlet on the third boss. I watch for the caster and time my spell reflect for that nasty shadowbolt.

You'll get your sword soon enough =P. Or maybe youll get the tanking sword from Naxx.

Kelmar said...

I really want that Red Sword from UP. I don't know when I will be able to do Naxx.