Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sad Pandas work on Saturday :(

A rare Saturday post from me as I am working today. Didnt find out until about 2 hours before I went home yesterday either. Normally today would be the one day I can spend with my lady without either of us having to work. Oh well, the big check will be greatly appreciated for Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, my family decided to do Christmas today 0_0. At least I dont have to suffer thru more turkey and mashed potatoes and other not delicious holliday fare. We decided to go Mexican this year. I am bringing Tamales...MMMMMMMM.

On a WoW related note, I just barely got the acheivement for completing a daily 5 days in a row despite the fact that I have done the cooking daily every day for like the last month or so. Cant wait till I get some play time tonight. Hopefully there will be someone who needs a tank for a raid so that I can get some phat loots. If not, I will just be running tons of heroics so that I can get my T7 chest. See you guys on Monday!! Here is a picture from a while back in BC.....funny what you can see when you look around while on the Gryphon.

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