Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fail Pug of the Day

Clubzay - Jubei'Thos

This guy is a major douchebag.

I get into a Drak run on my level 76 Shaman as healer. As we are pulling trash on our way to the first boss, this bundle of pubes states "Im going to need all of the greens. If you don't want me to I will leave."

To which we responded "Ok bye".

That should be the end of it. It a douche move to say you are needing all of the greens to start with.

Then he says "Well if you would rather have some crappy greens than a fast tank thats fine. But you are going to have to kick me. He pulls crap, doesnt tank it. All DPS dies while he runs off and Shadowmelds. I make it out of the instance.

I use my big boy words and call him a "fucking retard".

One of the DPS one ups me and call him a "faggot".

The douchebag actually has the never to say that he is going to report us. Lol.

We end up having to kick him because he wont leave. Unfortunately that means he can get into a group with other people.

We ended up getting another tank shortly after and finished the instance quickly. The new tank did more DPS as well and didnt demand things like a fucking prima donna.

It is people like Clubzay that make people not want to run PuGs. He also gives tanks a bad name and adds to the "arrogant" sterotype. If you are pugging...follow the rules of a pug. Dont try to act like you are the hottest thing since sliced bread.

On a side note, I 6 manned Black Temple last night with my wife and real life friends. It took about 1.5 hours and was incredibly easy. You will definately need a healer though. I think the only rough spot we really had was phase two of the Illidan fight with the fire elementals. Much tier was gathered and a couple new weapons for transmog were obtained. I think Tempest keep is up next for us.


Kara said...

I had one of those cutie pies once. His behavior was bad enough that I rolled a toon on his server and spoke to his guild master who happened to be on. Turns out he'd gotten a NUMBER of reports from people on other servers about his guildie... who was guildless later that day.

It's really sad that they can just queue up and do the same to another group of people though.

SirFWALGMan said...

You should have said yes, then whispered everyone to roll need on the greens. heh.

Darraxus said...

@ Sir: That would have required that I continue to run with said douchebag for the rest of the run.

Anonymous said...

The fire elementals in the Illidan fight enrage if you move them too far from their respective glaives.

Anonymous said...

Those people need punishment.

Do what Sir said, but also let him get in over his head and don't heal or dps. Let him try to solo the instance. See if the four of you can outwait him.