Thursday, September 22, 2011

Playing My Priest Again

Well, we were finally able to get a guild group together to do instances with our lower level characters.

Me on my 47 Priest Schenker
My wife on her 45 Hunter Asstrid
Thewind the Feral Druid and our Tank at 42
Gandor the Dwarf priest also at around 42.

First dungeon we got was the Dire Maul (the one with the Demon dog at the end). This instance was easy, but also seemed to take quite a while. You had to run back and forth turning in quests. We forgot to disable the shields on the top area and had to go back. Overall, it wasnt too bad. I did my first instance as Shadow. It took a bit of figuring out, but I ended up doing some pretty respectable DPS

The second dungeon we got was Scholomance. I switched to my Discipline Smite spec and Gandor switched to Shadow to give it a go. We got through the instance just fine, despite it taking around an hour.

We started with a pug rogue who had a couple of funny moments. First, our tank (who we were on vent with) DCed. After a couple of minutes, the Rogue initiated a vote kick. Ummmmm. Dude. Didn't you notice that we are all from the same guild? His response was "Didn't notice, Soz". Our tank got back on and away we went.

Later, as we were clearing the last rooms of bosses, the rogue suddenly had to leave after saying "Wife and kid are home....WIFE AGGRO".

We got another person to fill in for the very end of the instance and finished no problem.

I enjoy running instances with friends. Which is one of the reasons I generally don't pug any Cata content. It is not worth the headache.


Forreststump said...

"Me on my 47 Priest Schenker"

It begs the question: Rudolf?

Darraxus said...

@ Forreststump:Indeed....or Michael. They are both awesome.