Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gold Tip: Resetting Markets

Resetting markets can be a very nice way to make some gold. This can work very well in many markets, but it will only work if you know your competitors. If you have someone in the market that will repost at a very low price every time you reset, then there are going to be problems. You can continue to buy them out, but it they seem to have unlimited stock, you will not make anything in the interim.

However, you do have a chance to make some gold by stockpiling it down the road. When new patches come out, sales seem to spike. You will be sitting on a large pile of stockpiled items and make a ton.

This is more of an investment.

In other news, I have been doing little other than making gold and trying for transmorg pieces. I am thinking about doing a Black Temple run, but am wondering if it is doable with 5 or 6 85s. Seems like it should be considering that I can solo Karazhan.

The BC raids are the ones I really want to do. I think the BC tier sets were amongst the best in the game and really looked great. Not to mention I loved the BC raids the most.

Anyways, what have you been doing for transmorgrification?


SirFWALGMan said...

I think a decently geared DK can solo BT themselves except for the first boss (because of the mechanic) so 5 85's should steamroll it.

Phil said...

4-manned Ilidan last night with one tank, one dps and two healers. Probably didn't need the second healer but that's who turned up.

As above, you need a friend to get you out of spikes on the first boss, otherwise you're fine.