Thursday, May 31, 2012

Diablo 3: Part of the Fun is Leveling New Classes

As I previously mentioned, I hit level 60 on my Barbarian and have been very slowly soloing Inferno. I am currently at the stage of Act 1 where I am heading towards a showdown with the Skeleton King. The funny thing is that all of the purple boss mobs are much much easier than the yellow mobs and the blue packs of rares.

I die a lot on Inferno and I use a lot of potions. I also use a few creative tactics. I mentioned previously kiting mobs to town if you are outside. One of the methods I have been using to deal with these rare and elite mobs inside Dungeons is by kiting them to the door. I beat on them until it looks like I am close to dying, then I go out the door. I heal up, pop back in, rinse and repeat. It takes a while, but it beats dying over and over again.

As far as other classes go, I have been quite enjoying them. I got my Monk to the beginning of Act 2 the other day with some friends, and have gotten my Demon Hunter to around level 11 or 12 with a couple of other friends. I really enjoy the different styles. I like healing and doing Kung Fu badassery on my monk. I like utterly destroying things and effectively kiting things on my Demon Hunter. I will probably work on getting all of the other classes to ACT 2 on normal. I have not played much of the Wizard or Witch Doctor, but thing that they will probably be pretty fun as well.

One thing for certain is that I will have plenty of gear for leveling.


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Fettsbounty said...

GAAAHHHH! What is this business, it hurts my eyes. Where am I?

Darraxus said...

HA, I fixed it.