Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Resetting Markets for Cheap

This is a real quick gold post based on what I did this morning. I have not bought ore to prospect in a while. Therefore, I have not had nearly as big a stock of gems.

Gems have also been at an all time low. Orange and Purple gems are selling for 8-15 gold each. I made around 250 gold in gem sales the night before, which prompted me to action.

I bought out and reset both the ember topaz and demonseye markets. It cost me around 6k to do so, which is fairly cheap all things considered.

I bought them all in the price range listed above and reset the price to 220 gold each. I know that this price will drop quickly. Unfortunately we have a couple of major douchebags who will often undercut my half or more.

I should be able to make a nice profit on this venture. Another positive is that the gems are all cut. No prospecting. No cutting. Well worth it.

If you have a market that has bottomed out, dont be afraid to reset it and sell, sell, sell.


Kal said...

I do this all the time with savage leather, blackened dragonscale, volatile life, and whiptail. Even if items don't all sell, I still can craft with them. What I'm really trying to do with that kind of buyout/repost move is increase my competitor's cost of mats.

Fettsbounty said...

Exactly Kalven. If you see the mats cheap enough, it's money out of your pocket and into your competitions pockets.