Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I have returned!

Sorry about the absence. I have been very busy with work as well as gaming. Outside of doing Auctions and a few transmog runs, I have not been playing much WoW.

I have however been playing the hell out of D3 (no pun intended).

Just last night, I hit level 60 on my Barbarian, and will be starting up on Inferno difficulty. I was proud that I soloed Diablo on Hell difficulty. Sometimes, I feel like the other players do not pull their weight and do not know how to get out of bad shit. Basically, the same problems as in WoW. I love the Barbarian. The only issue I sometimes have is that it seems like there are tons and tons of ranged players and I end up taking the majority of the deaths. Through these experiences, I have learned the art of running away and kiting.

As you get further into the game, the rare mob abilities get more and more annoying. Arcane laser beams with desecration and prison? No thank you. At least they generally dont reset the health on the mobs and you can go back and zerg rush them.

As I have gone along, I have been playing the AH a bit. The problem for me is the 10 auction limit. I have tens of pieces of yellow gear to sell, and not enough room for all of it. I have created three bank mules to go along with my two full tab stash. It is a pain in the ass.

My next step is to obviously play Inferno on my Barbarian, then I am not sure who to level next. I was planning on the Monk originally, but seeing the power of the Wizard makes me think twice.


Terema said...

Welcome back! I have just started playing Diablo 3 myself. Never played a Diablo game before. I am enjoying it but I'm only level 10!! Finding the fight mechanic interesting but very different from WoW. The whole thing feels smaller than WoW though- will that change as I get more into it? Doesn't feel as big or as immersive a world. But I do like it. Need to play it longer I think.

Darraxus said...

Nah, it is much smaller than WoW, but you can have a lot of fun replaying those areas with friends as the areas change each time.