Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rogue'ery (In a Sean Connery voice)

Recently, I have been helping my wife gear up her level 85 Rogue a bit. During that process, I decided something. I like Rogues more than I though!

I actually found playing the Rouge quite fun and decided I should just finish leveling mine.

The History of my Rogue is a long one.

He was the third character I ever created. He also mostly sat around in his teen levels. He must have been rebellious, and did not want to grow up.

He got a big boost from my first RAF as he got to level 48 with the free levels I granted.

During this time, he was my main bank toon (he still is to this day).

I ended up leveling a second rogue with my wife during RAF. He stagnated at level 63ish and I had a decision to make. I deleted the 63 Human rogue to stick with my faithful bank alt Woogle. I ended up leveling him into Outland contents and took a break on him.

Since then, he has been leveling very sporadically when I felt like it and was up to 77 as of yesterday morning. Last night, I got him to 80, and he is officially a big boy now (wipe away tears).

I plan on starting on Hyjal today. I dont know how long it will take to get to 85, but I absolutely despise the Cata zones as this point.

I now have no characters on my main server below level 80. My last two non level capped characters are my Rogue and my level 83 Mage.

To the future (and beyond)!


Unknown said...

I must've levelled ten rogues to about level... 12.

And for some reason, I just lose interest and delete them. Eventually I will get one to level cap, but... not now. Not now not now not now... look over there! *deletes latest rogue*

Darraxus said...

Haha. I felt the same about Rogues and Priest for a long time. I now have an 85 Priest and a Rogue at 80. I am glad for the new character slot in MOP, but I could have done with another 5 slots to be honest.

Fettsbounty said...

Funny how it works out. Your main is a Warrior, my main is a Rogue. We both never cared to play eachothers mains class. And now here we are post-Cataclysm, I've just gotten a Warrior to 85 and had fun doing so and you've got a newfound joy in the Rogue.

Mogul said...

I'm the same on rogues and priests and now have a 85 priest and rogue at 65. Loved the priest but am really enjoying the rogue - just a really fun class to play. I wouldn't rush to 85 though - the rogue BG minigame (pwning ppl and vanishing before their mates get you) is fun at any level. If you've not been BGing you should try it. : )