Tuesday, March 4, 2014

D3: Help me Deckard Wan Kenobi...you're my only hope.

Having played quite a bit of the new patch of D3, I have concluded that this is the best that game has been since release. You feel like you can actually make progress. In a couple of days of playing, I have gained about 5 paragon levels. Those levels would have probably taken me weeks before.

I am currently mostly running my Barbarian through the game on Torment 1. I have tried out some of my other toons in Torment with mixed results. My Witch Doctor who has somewhat low paper DPS did somewhat well. My Hunter who has good DPS kept getting his ass kicked by elites.

It seems like the current flavor of the month is Wizard. I haven’t played mine, but the current version must be significantly powerful.

The whirlwind Barbarian is not quite what it once was. Fury generation kind of sucks currently, which can be a problem when dealing with some elites. Rend with the healing rune works really well in tandem with the Whirlwind that gives your fury for each enemy you hit.

The best thing that Jay Wilson ever did for the Diablo franchise was leave. The game is so much better currently. I am actually looking forward to the expansion and leveling the fancy new crusader.

I also wanted to throw in a PSA about preordering. If you order even the standard digital download you will get the Demon Hunter for Heroes of the Storm when it comes out. You will also get the Imperius wings, which are the most awesome looking thing ever.

If it has been a while since you played D3, give it another shot. The game is much different, and much better.

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