Monday, March 10, 2014

D3: Now with non-cookie cutter builds!

One of my absolute favorite things about this new version of D3 is that you dont have to go with a cookie cutter build. You get pieces of gear that have specific kinds of damage or specific skill damage increase (like lightning damage increased or whirlwind damage increased etc.)

This leads to you figuring out new and fun builds that you would not play before. I am actually enjoying my Wizard a ton doing a frosty and archon build. If you like a skill or skills, you can make them work with you, especially with the right gear.

Another good example is on my Barb. I picked up an Odyn Son (Mjolnir) during a run and decided to give it a shot. It gives me like 22 percent extra lightning damage and has a chance to spawn lightning bolts that do a nice amount of damage. My sheet dps went down by about 30k by equipping in, but it doesnt take into account the elemental damage stuff. I was melting through mobs using cleave with the lightning rune and whirlwind with the lightning rune. It is something different I may not have tried if not for the new patch.
In other news, I played some double Wizard torment 1 with Bearness and had quite a lot of fun. Two of them combined is super OP. Frost orb is explody goodness. We also both leveled at the same time essentially while running through sunken temple quests. He still has about 40 paragon levels on me though.

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