Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ding Second 70

As the title says, I got a second character to 70. I took my Wizard from 60-70 in "Hard" adventure mode in about 3-4 hours. It was pretty fun. Since then, I have been alternation between getting some gear for my Barbarian in Adventure Mode/Rifts and leveling my Crusader.

So far I really like the Crusader as he seems pretty nice and tanky. I have been leveling him up through Expert level adventure mode, but recently switched to the story so that I can progress through that yet again. I may end up just going back to Adventure Mode because it is infinitely more fun, and I can just have someone get me to the quest to kill Malthael at 70 to get my free legendary.

Last night I took my Barb into Torment 1 Malthael during a bounty as a group. Overall, it did not go well for me. So much bad on the ground, and every time I got rezzed, I was in the bad again and died several times. It was very annoying actually.

Overall, I am loving this expansion and look forward to many more hours of play.

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