Thursday, March 6, 2014

D3: More Leveling Goodness

Last night was yet another night of Diablo leveling goodness. Kev and I started out on the adventure to finish leveling his mage. I decided so that I would get Paragon XP as well, I would do Torment 1 with level 60 mobs. Kev was 50 at that time.

We ended up running through most of act two, and he hit 60 just before Zoltan Kulle. After that, we decided to give his Witch Doctor some love (who was being woefully neglected still sitting at level 1). Well, it went pretty well.

We set it on Expert difficulty, and away we went. By the time we finished act one in a little over and hour, his witch dr was level 29.

I really love the new leveling process. It really makes it so much faster and enjoyable. The loot is a million times better as well. I really think that loot 2.0 will actually be a big improvement for Hardcore as well. I only have one hardcore character and it is only at 17. The fact that they are one and done doesnt really sit that well with me.

I am guessing that there will be more Diablo in my future tonight.

In other gaming news, I finished Hearthstone should be coming out of Beta soon, so you will need to get our Golden Mekkatorque soon if you want it.

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