Monday, April 11, 2016

Skill Based Match Making....or No Fun Match Making

In Destiny, Skill Based Match Making or SBMM has been a huge topic over the last few months. As I mentioned in my previous post, Bungie basically implemented it in December and then lied about it. When all of the crucible (Destiny PvP) veterans started calling it out and complaining about it, the responded with....Oh, it must just be that all of the lower skill players are now playing in Sparrow Racing League! Bulllllllshit.

Suddenly overnight, you went from playing a variety of players from all skill brackets with good quality connections to only playing players of equal or greater skill in the upper tiers. The cherry on top is that those players of similar skill came with a price. A crispy red bar connection that made the game unplayable.

After a couple of months, they finally did announce that they had made it SBMM. It pretty much pissed of the entire PvP community. The few that were happy with it were the worst of the worst players. The pool of players with say a 0.5 to 1.0 KD is much higher than the group with a 1.5 plus KD. What this did is give the bad casual PvPers a false sense of improvement, while for good players, it felt like they got worse. 

Outside of Halo, which has a ranking system to go off of for SBMM, most games don't go with SBMM. They may have a ranked mode for it like CoD, but connection should always be the first priority. Bungie literally had no transparency with the entire situation. They lied about turning it on, then they lied several times about adjusting towards connection based afterwards. It is literally a shit show for a game that really has no competitive professional scene. People aren't trying to make their way through tournaments for a million dollar prize. Most tournaments were set up by players and they had little or no reward besides a boost to your pride.

Unfortunately Bungie cant seem to get out of their own way. They break stuff and then dont even try to fix it until months later. My recent games in the crucible have been significantly less "sweaty", so maybe they did some adjusting. Or maybe there are just finally players returning after taking a long break. I dont know, but it does feel somewhat better.

Now this post may sound like a rant of a good PvPer just wanting to beat on lower tier players. It is not that. Well not entirely. I enjoy going into a game and being able to go HAM. Even if my team members are so bad that we still lose, I know that I did everything I could to win. And when I got to play like this, the connection was fine and I didnt see red bar warriors lagging all over the map. 

So may people have had great suggestions for bungie if they wanted competitive play. Custom games would allow players to match up when they wanted a competitive match. People are already doing this, except they have to try to match each other in the regular matchmaking system by having two people relatively close in real life be in a party and call out when they are getting into a match so the other team knows to stay or not. Lol. Custom matches cant be a thing because of the old gen consoles. They need to stop supporting the old consoles. Those fucking things are 10 years old. Get with the times.

The other is to just have a ranked and unranked mode, which has nothing to do with last gen consoles. 

I dont understand how the studio that made Halo, which is a huge competitive game, can just not seem to figure this shit out.

Hopefully the new patch coming out tomorrow will announce some additional matchmaking changes.

Well, thats enough being salty as fuck for one post. See you next time and here is a video to unsalt your day.

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