Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Division, Destiny, and Battleborn!

Even with the new update, I have not really played a whole lot of Destiny as of yet. I played some PvP right after the patch and it was a giant laggy piece of shit as it has been prone to being. On the other hand, I did do a little bit of PvE, which is something I have not done a lot of recently.

The new level 41 prison of elders is pretty decent. Pretty much the same as the old one, except now there are a bunch of taken dudes running around. Such creative....much wow. I am excited that you can apparently get new high level gear through doing the trials of osiris, but that doesnt pop up until Friday.

In the meanwhile, I have been playing other games quite a lot more. 

The Division made its way back into my rotation with the new update. They kinda fucked up last week and literally had no dailies, which meant pretty much nobody was logging on. Normally people on my friends list would log on for dailies at some point, and then team up for dark zone festivities.

Well, this new patch has made me feel like a stripper next to a malfunctioning ATM. They are making it rain high end gear in the dark zone. I got more high end drops in 30 minutes than I had gotten in the 100 plus hours prior to that. Every named boss drops a guaranteed high end item, and the dark zone chests drop two. This is awesome, even if most of the crap drops is crap. It can drop at either 163 item level or 182 item level (something like that), and you see a whole lot more of the lower shit drop. It still makes for some very good crating materials. It is also a great way to find that specific gun that has been eluding you for a long time.

The weird thing is that we have mostly just had the servers to ourselves. We would go in, get loot, and run into very little resistance. When the supply drops came in, we were getting at least two of them each time. One time a lone guy tried to run up and pull one while we were fighting the adds.....he regretted that real quick as he died in about .5 seconds. I think a lot of players are currently trying to game the gear score system to slay noobs. There is a bracket for above 160 item level and one below. I am thinking people are putting on lower gear and then going HAM on the low gear players. Kinda fucked up, but whatever.

And now Battleborn is in Beta. It is basically a first person shooter MOBA. I am not the biggest fan of MOBAs (although I do love me some Heroes of the Storm), but I am a huge fan of shooters.

So far this game is pretty fun, but it seems to get a little bit stale for me pretty fast. In moba fashion, you level as you play and can choose abilities to complement your playstyle. A lot of times, it seems to snowball for whatever team is getting their shit first. I also seem to get stuck with some terrible players.

I have played 5 characters I believe, including one which was not my choice. I have played the healer with the Mushroom head.......which I did not enjoy at at. Not fun really. I have played Oscar Mike a couple of times, and found him pretty enjoyable because he is kind of like the standard shooter character. I played Thorn twice, and cannot figure out how the hell players can actually kill other players with her. She poisons the ground, which is great for minions, but has a bow and arrow, which is incredibly difficult to do enough damage on a player to kill. The last one I have played is my favorite, and that is Marquis. He is a tuxedo wearing robot sniper. So far he is the only character I have won a game with and the one whose playstyle I like the best. Actually I played Rath for one game too. His is a sword wielding samurai type class who actually was pretty decent. He has a hell of a super too which will almost always net you a player kill.

Looking forward to playing more new stuff, but I am mostly just waiting for fucking Overwatch to hurry up and get its ass into open beta already. Jeeze!


WTFspaghetti said...

I was excited to play Battleborn for awhile...then I realized that it is pretty damn similar to OverWatch and I prefer OverWatch much more.

I didn't enjoy the beta at all. It never clicked with me. Single player / co-op might still be interesting though. Time will tell.

Darraxus said...

I am writing something on Battleborn versus Overwatch for tomorrow. I liked both of what they were though.