Tuesday, December 8, 2009

3.3 is here....finally

But not really. The patch is apparently downloaded, but I am still not able to log on. I am sure I will be greeted by a buggy and laggy piece of crap when I am able to.....but damn it, it is my laggy and buggy piece of crap.

I am jazzed about the new 5 mans.....in fact I am doing spirit fingers as we speak....and then punching myself in the face for doing spirit fingers.

3.3 may cause me to put my DK on a hold a bit. I hit level 79 with him yesterday, but there is just way too much delicious content for me to dive into.

Plus I want to get me a perky pug. It drags its ass on the ground....no bosses room will be safe from worm infested pugs (dogs, not the people). Speaking of Pugs, I have an uncle that actually goes by pug. Mostly because he has a face only a mother can love (very pug like).

What are your plans for the exciting new patch. I think I will actually start tanking shit again since there are upgrades to be had.

And I leave you with the win text of the day between my wife and I.

Wife: Because U were giving me attitude today, I called Chuck Norris and he's coming after your damned ass. Sorry, U had it coming.

Me: Well I contacted Steven Segal and he is headed that way.....to make you watch his movies.

Wife: Too bad I strangled Steven Segal with a snuggie. See!!!! Those damn things do come in hand.

Me: Shit. I see you found your Christmas present then.


Arioch said...

Logged in and got my core hound pup pet!

Now I'm too overwhelmed to figure out what to do next.

Fettsbounty said...

I just got home... with Chile Verde burritos. Expecting a lengthy patch download so I can enjoy said burritos. But it's going by quickly, and as much as i love me my Chile Verde burritos and to take my time to savor them, I am now just shoveling them in my mouth to get ready for 3.3. gonna random dungeon this shit up.

Vordan said...
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Vordan said...

Still waiting for the patch to DL >.< I hate patches. I know I will be logging in and out for a while to get the cache folder built up enough to keep me from DCing. I need to use the authenticator so I can get my corepup.

Darraxus said...

How exactly do we get the core pup again?

Vordan said...

you have to have an authenticator

Darraxus said...

Ahhhh....better register mine then I guess.

Ruhtra said...

Yeah pretty much my excitement was grabbing my core hound and then walking him. Followed closely by logging out as no instance servers were available, and just when I wanted to go destroy Ragefire Chasm!