Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sad Face....Initiated

So.....I have been tanking with my Paladin the last couple of days....and WTF? That shit is easy. I have tanked on my Warrior since vanilla.....I have got that shit down....but I still cant match the amount of dps I put out on my Paladin. When I do, it is for double the work.

I have to really try to put out 2k plus on my warrior in instance. On my Paladin, I can faceroll the keyboard and get 2k. I did like 2.8k in and instance last night on my Pally. Like I said, it makes me quite sad.

That said, I do enjoy tanking with both classes. Warriors seem to have more shit to work with. I also have a lot more silences on my Warrior....and charge.....the best thing ever in WoW. Seriously, those of you who have not played a Warrior will never know the full fucking joy of WoW. Running in at high speed and face smashing is the best.

On my Paladin, I love the Captain America Shield. That shit is fun too. But not nearly as fun as take that alt tank.

Sadly, Warrior tanks have put out the least dps for a very long time. It may be because we have better threat modifiers on our abilities? I dont know. All I know is that I have to work a hell of a lot harder to tank on my warrior.

Also....Righteous Fury is good. I forgot it on Loken......yeah. Hard to hold aggro when that shit isnt on.

Well, that is my rant for the day. Have you played multiple tank classes? Which was the easiest for you?


Kara said...

I have one of each tanking class, 3 of which are 80.

Askevar, my dk is awesomely geared and is the most fun in raids.

Alika, my pally is most fun in 5 mans, I rather enjoy the insta-threat I don't have to work for and the extra dps on occasion.

Arica, my druid, has too low threat but I've also specialized her more toward kitty, so I can't expect the same out of her that I could from the other tanks. I never got the hang of druid tanking.

My baby warrior [level 75] I'm still working on getting the hang of. It seems more difficult, but it's up in the air atm as to whether I really like it or no.

Dorgol said...

I've attempted to tank on my Warrior. First at 60 in Strat and UBRS. Again at 70 (exactly once) in Mechanar.

I seem to recall tanking UK and Nexus while leveling, but since I was wearing full season 2 PvP gear my DPS and health was a little high for the content. I know I attempted to tank an Old Kingdom run after our tank left, but it just didn't work.

Warrior tanking is, for me, an exersize in frustration. I really don't like "on next swing" attacks as I tend to use up the rage before the next swing. Thus I don't use Heroic Strike enough. Thunderclap is nice, but I feel like I have to spam it.

Mind you, I've never actually tanked as Protection. Maybe I would like it a little more if I were to actually spec it and practice it.

I've also done minimal tanking with my Druid. While Maul still uses the "on next swing" mechanice, rage generation on my Druid is so much higher. I blame it on Swipe and the talent that gives me 5 rage when I crit. I pull a group, hit swipe, and my rage bar goes up to 20+ - so I can just spam Swipe + Maul and feel like I'm doing a good job.

Of course, neither of them compare to the Paladin. I have a set rotation, I have a more reliable resource system, I have a ranged silence... It's easy, but easy is what I need. With the Paladin I've tanked most of the 10 mans with a few 25 man Vaults.

Markco said...

Spice things up Darraxus and tank like me in 5 mans on my warrior (4.5k dps): DPS Prot Warrior Tanking HOR

Leah said...

sometimes it depends on a situation ( for example gathering up Ony's Whelps on my bear is a pure swipe spamming bounding joy) but overall?

from easiest to hardest - pally, followed by Dk, followed by a bear.

For the most part, bears are not overly difficult to tank on, but when your group doesn't understand the meaning of LoS, it can get iffy with a few caster mobs - with DK I just deathgrip, strangulate, silence, and pally, well - so many things I can do on a pally :P plus taunting on a pally is OP, even if I mess up, its much easier to reestablish control.

warriors? I've given up on that class. I ust don't get it. it is the only WoW class that I don't get. cannot dps on a warrior and sure as hell cannot tank on one :( In my WoW playing lie I haven't met a lot of good warrior tanks, but those that are good, are pretty amazing. majority though... oy.

Vordan said...

I find tanking on my warrior a little difficult, and like others I have a problem with the "on next swing" stuff because I like my stuff to either have a cast bar or instant. Im going to have to try tanking on Vord again now that I have gear that is somewhat good. I tried it once but I havent official been in an 80 heroic doing so.

Ngita said...

80 Paladin, 80 Warrior. Very similar geared and I also have a 80 druid but while I tanked in tbc as feral including za bear runs, I switched to resto/boomkin for a change @ 80.

The Paladin is easier then the warrior, but I enjoy the warrior more. You have a greater variety of tools and if they are used correctly everything works. Paladin You push 4 buttons, pretty much on cooldown and you throw your sheild. 90% of heroics you dont do anythig else.

Dread said...

Someone said paladin tanking was geared toward

Copernicus said...

I've been tanking on my druid since before Lich King came out, and enjoy the heck out of it.

Recently I started tanking on my paladin and it's so much easier. I got comments like, "Tank, you only have 27k HP?" then later "Wow, you're making that 27k HP go very far. I'm impressed." A healer in another run said "You tank exceptionally well for the gear you're wearing."

I've since improved my gear, so don't get any more ego stroking comments, but compared to a druid, paladin tanking is a walk in a park on a sunny day.

I have a 62 DK that I'll tank with eventually. I want to try dual weild tanking.

I can't get a warrior past level 20 myself, but my son has a 66 warrior on my account, so I may borrow him some time to see how that works.

Lazaros of Llane said...

I normally tank as a casual bear, and have a generally easy time of it (except when I team up with my "kill team" buddies). Granted, I tend to press all of 4 or 5 buttons during a normal pull.

I also have an 80 DK, 80 Warrior, and 71 Paladin. The pally seems to be about as easy to tank with as the bear, but not as mobile. (Swipe kiting large packs is entertaining.) The DK seems a little too rigid, though I've not done much tanking on it.

The best and worst parts of warrior tanking (Prot leveling was a serious breeze) is the amazing amount of abilities and buttons to press. It's a lot of fun being able to handle just about any situation on the Warrior, but compared to my Druid, AoE aggro seems like too much pain.

I equate Warrior tanking with Kitty DPS: it takes impeccable timing, spec and role knowledge, and an ability to be thinking about ten to twenty seconds ahead in priorities. As DPS, I can do that; tanking, less so. (But I'm tempted to give it a shot again.)