Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Son of a......

More maintenance. Fuckity fuck fuck. Just what I wanted to wake up to. I was hoping to wake up and start chaining some heroics together, but Blizz had other ideas....grrrrrrr.

So I figured I would take this time to actually post something useful.....about tanking.


I hope you didn't expect ME to come up with something useful.

There are people out there that give a shit about optimum this and that.

And I only partially listen to them.

Because I am pimp sauce and I dont answer to anybody.

Well not really, I answer to my wife.

But not internet tough guys. Who are probably as tough in real life as Stephen Hawking.

Sometimes I feel like the Seinfield of blogging. I am writing a blog about nothing. It is something, but it really isn't about anything in particular.

I just get up on my soapbox and ramble. It is kind of like this Nicholas Cage in any of his movies. Except with hair that doesnt look like it is held on my scotch tape.

Speak of Cage, who actually watches his movies anymore? He comes out with complete crap constantly.

Back to WoW. How many times have you said "I love pugging today?" If it is less than one, then it is not nearly enough.....get to that shit NAO.

The one drawback to the whole new LFG thing is that my DK is now sitting at level 79 completely ignored. I want to level him.....but I also want to gear all of my other toons. Tough decisions.

Well, the other drawback is that you get people who are total asshats. We had a couple of DPS ask if the pug group I was in wanted to do another heroic after we breezed thru DTK. The tank said "Not with you guys. I don't play with meter chasers." A few pulls later, the DK accidentally pulled and the tank just stood there....probably hoping to let them die. Not on my watch douchie McDouchebag. I healed them through it easily. I almost though about voting to kick him from the group. When you get into a pug, do your job and shut your fucking mouth.

Anyways, that will conclude my rant for the day. Peace out.


Kobeathris said...

That is one piss poor tank. Pugs who completely ignore threat are the best thing about pugging as a tank. It's like training camp, and if you can't handle it, you best be riding the pine when raid day comes around.

Arioch said...

Had an awesome group last night, we stuck together for 6 instances.

Vordan said...

One thing I hate with the new pugging is that tanks refuse to watch to see if the healer is in the room. Ill say brb then oh my. "Your dumbass pulled without the healer, oh well your fault your dead". I got into a group yesterday with three pallys I automatically put kings on everyone, and the tank put sanc, then the ret put might, I asked for a crap wis and the tank say...I dont understand why you just cant do wis on everyone...I hate people sometimes. I ended up not getting kings.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, too many pallys can often times lead to buckets o fail.

Paul said...

People are in too big of a rush to finish the instance. As a tank wannabe I look behind me to ensure that the group is ready to move to the next mob. Hearing drinking sounds is a good indication that the healer/caster isn't ready for the next pull...

Vordan said...

I wish there were more tanks like Paul! Seriously, especially when a tank doesnt have a lot of avoidance, I will need to spam heals on the tank just as much as dps. That means I go OOM sometimes, which even with divine plea and 31k buffed mana, its inevitable especially with the AOE damage in instances like Forge of Souls. Most tanks speed through there, you can do that. Wish most the tanks ive grouped with would get their head out of their ass. Im drinking bitch!