Thursday, December 3, 2009


He-Man is the man. Not just a man....He is a man. He-man. Much like Chuck Norris...only in animated form. He kills shit with swords and rides a fucking tiger. I would love to ride a tiger to work. I would park it in HR.

Anywho, I reached a new level on my Warlock. Not as in I somehow hacked the game like Mr. T and already hit level 81. I hit 4k on a boss for the first time....and I did it twice in VoA. I know there are tons of Warlocks out there ripping off 5k dps all the time......but I am wearing a few blues, some ilvl 200 gear, and a rocking a level 70 wand.

What did I get for my troubles. They hooked me up with my t9.5 pantaloons of the raging emo. There was another much better geared lock from my guild there who just barely out dpsed me......he should have been significantly ahead.....BUT HE WAS USING THE LEVEL 70 SHADOWBOLT SPAM!!!!! This may just be how he wants to play considering he is a damn good player and has probably the highest dps in guild on his COME ON? Shadowbolt spam.....that is sooooo last expansion.

I love having a vast menagerie of toons at level 80 and hope to add my DK soon. The log on screen is like my own personal stable......the best little whore house in Azeroth. You need something done, Darraxus love you long time.
Edit: WIN TEXTS OF THE DAY. More texts back in forth with my wife that win.
Wife: I love u honey bunz! See I love u so much I spelled buns wrong.....Ur welcome.
Me: I love u too sugar titz. I spelled titz wrong because I love u. Ur welcome. Titz. Titz. Boobz.
Wife: Don't fuzzin talk to me.


Arioch said...

I'm worried that when I get my toons to 80 I'll get bored and just keep rolling new alts...

Ironhelm said...

@Arioch, oh, don't worry about that... you'll come to like it!

= )

Ruhtra said...


Yeah and don't worry when you fill up one account you can always buy another!

Vordan said...

I got my Paladin and Warlock to 80 and seriously, trying to get geared makes me want to play my alts more because of all the retards that are still at the bottom of the gear chain.