Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Trying New Shit

I have been trying to change things up a bit on some of my toons. I have been building tank offsets for my Paladin and DK as well as a feral offset for my Druid.

Alot of these changes were to make things a little more fun. On my Druid, I rarely ever used my Boomkin spec. I rarely ever even seen anyone using Boomkin. All of the hot shit DPS seem to be feral.

The reason I switched my offspec on my Pally from Holy to Prot is....well, I fucking despise healing as a Paladin. It bores me to death. I love healing on my Druid and have Priest on the way up, so I figured I would just have another tank.

Sometimes it is nice to try something new. Unfortunately, I had not been collecting all that much gear for those other specs, so they are not complete.

Last night I started leveling my one handed sword skills......it was at 1 :(. Back to the rats in the Ironforge tram! I wonder how many people went by and wondered what the hell was wrong with me.

On a side note, why is IF's tram so much dirtier than SW's tram? There are a bunch of rats running around on one side and nothing on the other. I blame those damn gnomes.

I am accumulating a lot of Triumph emblems on my Warrior and I am not sure what I should get. I know tank spot says to get the Glyph of Idomitability.....but....but.....I lose stamina :( I am also almost up to 50 emblems of frost, which means I can replace the cloak I got on my very first run into Naxx 25. Seriously......I was rocking like 28k health buffed back then.....and wearing a few pieces of level 70.

Last night while picking up some Emblems for a tank set on my Paladin, I was top DPS and damage on every run. Take that fucking gearscore.


Vordan said...

Because I wanted something different I think thats why I made my warrior and my hordes. I have my 65 rogue and 63 priest that I am waiting to get my leveling gear so I can wtf pwn with my rogue and not sure if I want to heal with my priest or do uber damage in shadow, either way, its not like pally healing or being ret. Its all a change. What level is your space goat priest?

Angry Gamer said...

Aww really a shot at Gearscore? Cmon man. Dont ride that bandwagon. No one said the Gearscore mod was to tell you who had skill or not, it is to tell you quickly what the overall equipment of a party is and what to possibly expect.

I dont look at it and freak out immediately but I will tell you this:

If some scrub douchebag gets in my PUG with a GS of like 2700 I know for a fact they will suck and are not making any effort to improve themselves at 80, because you can beat that with faction rewards and AH shit. And the mod will be right 80% of the time let me tell you that. I dont sweat 3500 or higher, but when some scrub shows up in the 2000's I think they need to go run regular ToC and get back to me in 3 days so fuck that

So don't tell me that mod isn't useful.

Vordan said...

I dont use the gs mod, I have always gone by Wow-heroes *shrug*

Fettsbounty said...

@Darraxus. Yeah yeah. Top overall damage and dps. Damn trash. But the individual boss fights tell a different story my friend.

@Angry Gamer. Yeah that shot at GearScore was mostly because one of our runs had me on my rogue with GS around 4200, Darrs Pally at 4500ish and another rogue at 5100. But that 5100 must have been carried cuz he was third behind Darraxus and myself. And he was trying. So yeah, he's not actually bashing gearscore itself.

Darraxus said...

Oh, my DWARF priest is 49 or 50 atm.

MmoGirl. said...

Would love to know how you find healing on your priest, I'm bored on my pally and am just tired of being a tree. Gearscore is vastly over rated anyway.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if someone else said this, but a tip for levelling weapons at 80 is to head into N VH but not start the instance. The mobs there constantly spawn and the NPC will help kill them and tank them as well.

Anonymous said...

Totally know what you mean about the Glyph of Indomitability. Awesome use, but i'll lose a chunk of stam from dropping The Black Heart.

@last Anonymous, that's an awesome tip. I've been trying to find a good way to lvl weapon skills since Bliz stopped granting weapon skill-ups for hitting those guys who couldn't die in Blasted Lands.