Monday, February 13, 2012

The Dregs of LFG came out to play

Holy shit this was a rough weekend for LFD. I think most of the decent players must have finished up their weekly valor runs leaving the retards and gimps.

I had very few runs that were not complicated over the weekend. Most of these were spent healing. These woes included.

1) Multiple times in different instances, a tank did not pick up the mobs off of me while;

a) Running towards the rays of light on Tyrande.
b) On the last boss of Well of Eternity
c) On Azhara.

Controlling adds was apparently not a priority at all. I also got killed twice on the first boss in different runs of Well of Eternity because the tank decided he was going to run from the eyes instead of just get caught by them.

2) People not knowing mechanics at all. We wiped at least once on Jaina because I was the only one stepping on the bombs while trying to heal. People also stood in bad when they should not have. I got booted from an End Time on Tyrande because we wiped after everyone stood in the shiny blue explody things. That was the last instance of the night for me.

3) People are impatient and do not listen. In a certain End Time, we were in a group with three people from another guild. While waiting on the last boss we start trash. We kill the first set. The second set is a wipe guessed it, the tank let a mob beat the shit out of me.

Then we go back in and the Priest goes afk for BIO. We are sitting there for a while and the tank starts getting impatient WITH US! It is your fucking guildy that went AFK and nobody ever told us if he was back or not.

After that trash pull, I sat down to get mana. The tank runs off an pulls the boss. He dies because I am all the way across the map. We have to use out first hour glass about 2 seconds into the fight. Normally it would not be an issue, but my wife was leading in DPS for the instance at around 11k. The Priest was at around 6 or 7.

We ended up killing him after using up all of the hour glasses with just myself (out of mana) the tank and one dps alive.

These were the kinds of groups I was getting into all weekend.

Note to self. Do all weekly valor runs early in the week unless I want to be frustrated by the level of retard present.

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