Thursday, February 16, 2012

My wife.....driven by Pets

My wife is a pet collector. That is her end game in WoW. Sure she does some other things, but this is what she really loves. She is not a mount collector. Just a collector of pets. I think she is at around 155 or so.

She is at over 200 Tol'Vir solver without getting the Hand pet. She has grown to hate Archaeology, but still presses on. Once she gets it, I forsee her not doing it ever again (unless of course the add another pet in Pandaria).

We just got her the Perky Pug pet finally. I have it on a ton of toons (all from WotLK). It felt like such a grind this time.

Now she is starting the painful process of getting the Kirin Tor Familiar from the random book drops in Dalaran. That seems like it will be a major pain.

She also has her eyes on grinding Shyguard Rep to get the pet from that.

Oh the humanity.


K. White said...

The books are on a 4 hour timer, last I knew. Unfortunately, it doesn't mean that actual books will drop.

I do recall after a server reset (like after Tuesday maintenance), the books are also "reset" in Dalaran though. Every spawn point will have something, real or fake book.

Anonymous said...

Have her check for a chat channel for players watching for the books.

Once a book spawns and is read or just disappears on its own the timer gets reset.

SirFWALGMan said...

I got the book pet. It took time but was not particularly hard. Just do not try and get it in one week. Everytime you login go to Dalaran, check the 6-7 locations and before you know it you will have the pet... I think it took me a month or so.. but it did not seem like a grind..

Ven said...

Oh that pet, I am trying to get it, 1 week on it and only 3 books do far, but, I am a patient man I will wait for it. At 23.12 GMT- 4 of the books always spawn every day.